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Lewis Entertainment Services

Sound Recording and Video Production

I have recently completed my studio (for now) enabling me to do full scale audio and video production.  ProTools and Adobe Premier Pro are  the softwares I use the most.  I have capabilities for 20 channel  at-once hard disk recording @ up to 24/96 resolution.  Full editing and mastering on both audio and video is also available.

My strongest assets are:

>  Arranging male/female background vocals and harmonies

>  Playing guitars, bass, drums, and percussion on all styles and co-writing songs if desired

>  Full horn section arrangements

>  Working with all instruments to acquire a certain sound

>  Pitch and beat correction (I can fix pretty much anything)

>  Working as a producer to help fulfill the artist's vision

>  Guidance, Consulting, and Tutorials when and where needed

>  Working with  individuals or full bands

>  Helping songwriters complete arrangements ready to record

                           >  Up to 20 tracks recording at once (analog inputs)

                           >  Access to top players/singers, male/female for all applications

                            >  Publishing songs for artists and helping shop material to labels/management/agents

 My gearlist is small.

>  I have live drums and Roland V-drums as well as Alesis SR -16 drum sequencer

>  Any guitar and bass amp sound imaginable (analog and post/rec.)

>  Many guitars to play; Les Pauls, Fender Strats, Teles, Kramer, Jackson, Charvel

Taylor and Guild acoustics, Fender Resonator

DeArmond 5 string bass w/active P/U and P-Bass with Dimarzio P/U

>  Several very good vocal mics and drum mics, condenser and dynamic

>  Tube and solid state mic preamps

>  Comfortable home-environment for performing and mixing. 

My rates are very reasonable because of my low overhead.  I spend most of my time recording and mixing my own songs for the upcoming CD,  I also play as many live gigs as possible.  My days are open for any and all projects I choose to take on. 

Call me for rates and availability or contact me at a show.

Ph#     714-746-7521 cell

Email  ricky@rickylewis.com


Updated 8/9/2011